Monday, February 27, 2006

For Those Keeping Score at Home

I spent the day going through stacks of medical bills and EOBs (aka "explanations of benefits," aka insurance statements), trying to figure out what we owe, what we need to submit for reimbursement, etc.

I had to make a spreadsheet just to keep it all straight.

So far (with lots of treatment and office visits yet to come), the grand total of medical expenses for both cancer treatment and IVF—billed either to us or directly to our insurance providers—is $53,178.52.


I've still got a lot to do before I can figure out how much of that is coming out of our pockets. Meanwhile, it's already clear that I need to go through the statements with the diligence of a forensic accountant to make sure the bills are getting processed properly. For instance, there are three separate statements for "allergy testing," which I've never had. One of them is from a provider I've never been to.

There's also a statement showing that a claim for acupuncture was rejected because I didn't have a referral. It's true that I didn't have a referral. I also never had acupuncture.

I'm sure the fun is just beginning.


Anonymous Christine said...


I can't even keep up with my bills & paperwork and I'm single, cancer-free & own no property. I cannot imagine how overwhelming that is. You seem to have the appropriate balance of ferocity and humor when it comes to tackling this part of the disease. I am in awe of what you have to do...I think I might become a dribbling vegetable--literally-- if I were in the same circumstance, so once again, my admiration grows.....

February 28, 2006 7:22 AM  

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